Atoms Express

ATOMS is a plug-n-play electronics construction system that enables
people to build things that do amazing things.

We ran a successful Kickstarter Campaign in fall of 2012, and ATOMS will ship this September. Stay up to date with what is happening in our office by visiting ATOMS University.

What Are Atoms Express Toys
ATOMS are “smart” building blocks that give kids of all ages a chance to build things that can do amazing things, and ATOMS are designed to work seamlessly with other toys and materials.

With ATOMS, the only limit to what you can build is imagination. Creating interactive creations with ATOMS is easy and fun, so kids don’t even realize they’re developing lifelong skills. Simply connect a sensor, motor and action “brick” together and see what they can do! Not only can kids easily create amazing things with ATOMS, our building blocks are smart device compatible -allowing builders to control and interact directly with the things they make. ATOMS are durable, work with other toys, and make technology, science and even engineering accessible to all.

ATOMS aren’t just for kids.

Adult Maker using atoms

These tech-toys are powerful enough for a professional Maker. Truly, anyone who wants to build cool things with technology will love what ATOMS do.
Why Parents Love ATOMS

Parents can use ATOMS to encourage kids to learn about how things work, why they work, and inspire creativity. The goal of ATOMS is to require minimal investment (time and money) from a parent so kids can take the reins and let their imagination go wild. Plus, parents can snag ATOMS for some of their own projects and get in on the fun, too.
Why Teachers and Schools Love ATOMS

One of the main goals of ATOMS is to foster the next generation of creative builders and inventors through play. ATOMS can be used in the classroom to learn about technology, engineering, science, and develop problem solving skills. They are durable, affordable and can be used with a wide array of materials.
Why Kids Love ATOMS

Kids love to build things and are increasingly drawn to interactive products (like tablets and smart phones). ATOMS bring both of those interests together in smart play that’s loaded with cool technology to ignite a child’s creativity and inventiveness. There’s no limit to what they can make (like a stuffed animal that talks and moves or magic wand that turns off the lights). ATOMS helps kids to create things as fast as they can imagine them and with the Bluetooth Smart Brick, kids can interact directly with their creations!
Why Adults Makers love ATOMS

ATOMS build seamlessly into projects and turn DIY creations, prototyping and one-offs into a plug and play experience instead of a lengthy design, coding and engineering exercise. Beyond DIY projects, grown up’s can get in on the fun too. (How about tricking out and driving a toy truck or pranking a coworker with a paperclip explosion?) We know kids aren’t the only ones who’ll love what ATOMS can do for them.
About the Creator

Michael Rosenblatt has created ATOMS out of the growing Boulder, CO startup scene. He is a graduate of MIT and Carnegie Mellon and has spent time at Apple creating the iPod and the iPhone. He’s a lifelong builder that wants everyone to have the opportunity to build things.