You might have a question that comes up after checking us out. We probably have your answer below, but if not feel free to contact us with your questions – email, Facebook, or Twitter – and we’ll get back to you before you can say ATOMS.

What do ATOMS work with?

ATOMS are compatible with LEGOs on the building block side, and they are designed to be as flexible as your kids are creative. Sew them onto costumes, push them into clay, tape them onto toy trucks. They are water resistant, durable, and above all else compatible with virtually any of your formally “single use” toys.

How much time will it really take my kid to build something?

It’s our goal that kids can get ATOMS building blocks working five minutes out of the box. Seriously.

Will there be an Android controller?

When Google includes Bluetooth 4.0 natively in the Android operating system (which we expect to be soon), we will build an Android controller.

Will there be more ATOMS?

Yep, a ton more. It’s our goal to build a library of ATOMS building blocks and we already have a great start on that, both with the first 13 we launched with, and more ideas and prototypes of plenty of others. We plan to start work on our next round of ATOMS in February 2013, so please check back for progress. And hey, if you have an idea for one, drop us a line!

Why Bluetooth?

For our iPhone and iPhone Deluxe control sets we’re using the low energy feature of Bluetooth 4.0, which means the iPhone control brick in these two sets is a Bluetooth Smart device. It can take instruction from the Smart Ready device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) and act on it, without ever needing a charge. Having Bluetooth built in means that those ATOMS can be controlled by virtually any smartphone or tablet device that is Bluetooth Smart Ready.

How do the ATOMS charge?

ATOMS come with a battery pack that will supply power to your creations. Each module has an internal battery that recharges with a micro USB. They come with a charger, and you can also charge from a computer via any USB port.

What are the design principles you followed in building ATOMS?

In building ATOMS, these are the design principles we follow:
• ATOMS are modular and affordable. (LEGO Mindstorms cost $250 to get in the game; ATOMS start below $50.)
• The actions created by ATOMS happen in real time, are highly visible and super reactive. Our sensors react instantly to stimuli.
• ATOMS are plug and play – no programming required by anyone to get them working out of the box, and no need to connect to a computer.
• ATOMS create an intuitive learning experience. They are designed to reflect programming and engineering principles without requiring user mastery.
• ATOMS are FAST. Anyone can get something cool working within five minutes out of the box.
• ATOMS grow with users. They are easy enough for a 5-yr-old, but still relevant to an 18-yr-old by adding more complicated functionality for bigger projects.
• ATOMS are compatible with the common materials available to kids: LEGO compatible, can be screwed to wood, sewn to costumes, double-stick taped, or velcro-ed to objects.