You’ve Never Seen Building Blocks Like Atoms!
The only Limit is you’re Imagination.

ATOMS give you the ability to make toys and creations that DO amazing things. We’re leveling the playing field so that EVERYONE can build and create with technology – no electronics skills or programming experience required. In fact, because of their smart design, you can make all sorts of cool stuff within minutes of taking ATOMS out of the box and with the addition of our Bluetooth Smart Brick you’ll be able to sense, interact with, and control whatever you build through an iOS smart device. Even better, you’ll learn about technology and have a blast doing it.

For Kids
ATOMS come in kits that are a ton of fun to play with straight out of the box, but THEN kids can also take those same ATOMS blocks and use them to build all kinds of other things. That’s because our plug n play building blocks are designed to work with stuff kids already have…like LEGO, costumes, stuffed animals, Barbies and action figures!

For Adults
ATOMS build seamlessly into projects and turn DIY creations, prototyping and one-offs into a plug and play experience instead of a lengthy design, coding and engineering exercise. We sell ATOMS by the module so you only have to purchase the bricks that you need.